Thursday, September 21, 2006

Revolieu Bay, Epi

Revolieu Bay, Epi (9/18 - 9/21)

We had been dreading heading back to Vila, as it is against the winds, and we'd have to really watch the weather, waiting for a shift or lighter wind.  The trip to Revolieu wasn't too bad, but it was still to weather, and by the time we set the hook in Revolieu we were worn out.  For only the third time in the last two weeks the sun was out and the sky was clear when we entered Revolieu.  That night the sky was lit up with thousands of stars.  We were highly disappointed when we woke the next morning to clouds and rain!

We spent four nights in Revolieu, mostly just entertaining ourselves while waiting for decent weather to finish the trek south to Vila.  Twice we walked the dirt road to a nearby village and school (about 45 minutes one-way).  Here we met a young Peace Corp's worker, Kevin.  We ended up having him out to Island Sonata for dinner, where he entertained us with his guitar playing and singing.  He writes his own songs/music and they are amazing.  We also ended up leaving the solar oven with him, to pass on to the village.  Kevin and Beth, from Red, had given us the oven in Majuro.  We had originally hoped to pass it on to 'our village', Naviqiri, in Fiji, but we never had enough sunny days to teach them how to use it.  Most of our time in Vanuatu had also been cloudy and so we were getting worried we'd never find a place to leave it.  Since Kevin will be in Revolieu for a couple of years, we figure he'll have plenty of sunny days and plenty of time to show the locals how it works.This text will only appear on after the reader clicks "continue reading.." Delete if NOT needed

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