Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Havannah Harbour & Revolieu Bay

Havannah Harbour (9/5 - 9/6)

The sail from Vila to Havannah Harbour was a short one, and would've been beautiful had our engine water pump not gone kaput!  I kept us under sail, while Chris jerry-rigged a temporary fix.  The fix allowed us to run our engine while we anchored, but we were both nervous about running it too long, and so tried to anchor fast ... hard to do when the holding sucks!  Even more of a bummer was that we had finally gotten out of rainy Vila, to sunny Havannah, only for Chris to have to return by bus.  So while I enjoyed the sunshine, Chris was back in the gloomy rain.  Luckily he returned with a fix and we were both back in high spirits.

Revolieu Bay, Epi (9/7)

Although long, it was a good day sail to Revolieu bay.  We didn't bring in a fish, but were entertained by the activity the followed us; including the sighting of a marlin and a huge tuna, with fins expanded like wings, stalking our lures.  We only stayed one night, as the winds were predicted to die, and we wanted to get up to the Maskelyne's before that happened.

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