Saturday, July 19, 2003

So much to do, so little time

Just what have Chris and KT been up to?  Exactly what does Chris mean when he [always] says he's been "working on the boat"?

July 19, 2003 just 3 months, 12 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes, and 42 .. 41 .. 40 .. 39 ... seconds until our projected departure day [Nov 1st]!  Where did all the time go?  Just yesterday we had months and months left, and since then has our "to do" list shrunken??? Of course not!  For every one thing we check-off, we add at least three.  But they say you never leave with everything done, so we're trying to stay calm about it all!

Billabong - Getting her ready

Granted, our bon voyage date isn't really set in stone either - ah yes the great thing about the lifestyle we are about to take on ... no strict schedules or deadlines (well, unless you count hurricane season).

So what's new around Billabong?  Well, just about everything!  We (ok, mostly Chris) have been slaving away getting the boat ready.  I'm quite impressed with just how handy Chris is ...

On the top of Billabong's new arch, Chris installed four solar panels and a wind generator.  During this process he re-wired EVERYTHING, resulting in not only a well organized system, but a very spiffy looking navigation area! And to go with all the jazzy equipment hooked up to the new navigation panel, he built a shoe-box sized computer that runs from a 12 volt power source.

Next he showed off his carpenter skills by turning our "spare" head (aka bathroom) into extra storage space (all without having to add a single bolt to the boat).  What's so cool about this space (besides the extra storage) is that it is easily collapsible should we need the toilet (like when our main head breaks).

And the list doesn't stop there.  Chris redid the hatches (re-bedding all the glass), built a swing-out table in our cockpit (it along with our two BBQ's make up our outdoor galley), installed red lights (for night vision), ordered tons and tons of gear and spare parts (after of course spending numerous research hours to ensure we got not only the best quality but the best price), retro-fitted chaps for our [new] dinghy, installed a new head (toilet), added kelver lining to our front bulk head (aka "the garage"), and so much more!

By now you might be wondering, "And what does KT do while Chris is working away?".  Besides supervising (ha ha), I am mostly making lists ... I have become a master at Excel Spreadsheets.  Making lists of required documents for the Mexico & South Pacific Ports, lists of medical supplies needed for our medical kit, lists of the vaccinations we need to get, provisioning lists, galley storage floor plans, and so on.  Every possible storage space in the galley and surrounding area has been measured.  Thirty plus air-tight containers of all shapes and sizes, fitting perfectly into pre-selected spaces, have been purchased, doctors have been contacted (for prescriptions & vaccinations), shots have been received, passports are being renewed, visas obtained, etc etc.

We suspect that this will take anywhere from one to three weeks.  After which Billabong will be fully ready to sail (locally) and Chris and I can finally begin the real trip preparations (aka practice, practice, practice)!!!

And the question of the day ... will we really be ready to leave in November??? We're betting that we will be (but go ahead and keep your fingers crossed anyway!).
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