Monday, August 22, 2005

Baulailai Bay

Baulailai Bay (August 17th – 22nd )
 16°44.88' S 178°29.02' E

Baulailai Bay
As much as we enjoyed our visits on the north side of Vanua Levu, there is something to be said for time alone!  After leaving Naviqiri we decided to anchor at Baulailai Bay, largely because there was no village.  We had the bay to ourselves and were enjoying some of the down time.  We did have a few visitors drop by, locals from neighboring villages who were out fishing.  We got a good shock when one fishing boat came by and yelled out "Bula Chris!  Where's KT?".  "You know me?" asked Chris.  Turns out they were from a neighboring village to Naviqiri and had hear about us through the 'coconut network' (what we've tagged the amazing gossip trail that seems to exist from one village to the next, even without phones).   We also learned that deep into the mangroves of Baulailai Bay is an Indian Village of about 5 houses.  One of the residents stopped by to say hello and we traded some banana bread for fresh oragnes.  Other than that it was quite quiet and we spent time reading and relaxing.  There was also a bit of weather that came through so we ended up staying  four nights while we waited for the rain and wind to pass by.

We left Baulailai Bay on the 21st, and spent the night at Salevu Bay.

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