Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bobbing along on Billabong : the New Owner's Blog

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Billabong is not just a boat.. she was our team mate, home, safety blanket, and vehicle for the adventure of a lifetime. Even the name sparks magical memories and hours of daydreams.. The name Billabong made it easy (& cheap) to buy non-custom boat t-shirts, pants and even wallets. My sister recently suggested I get rid of my Velcro sealed, three fold canvas wallet that proudly sported a Billabong logo if I wanted to look "professional".

Yesterday KT & I were reflecting and wondering where she was, how she was doing.. Today I found the new owner's blog which is recording their adventures on Billabong. I ripped through the stories, photos and memories unlike anything I have ever read.. they were good and she (Billabong) seemed very happy taking care of them.

Billabong is a doer, a keeper of memories for us and a conduit for the dreams of Bill and Caroline.

Life is good, thanks old girl.

Billabong's New Location
.. but she's on the move :)

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