Saturday, April 12, 2008

Renanto Reef

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Renanto Reef, Egypt
45 Feet Our own private reef
(literally drop right behind the reef.. and watch out for a southerly switch)

Wind picked up to 20-25 knots and we are hiding here until it dies down a little. If I had know the reefs would have this much of calming effect I would used them more often. Once you get to Egypt you lose a lot of the indented protection of the Marsa and Khor anchorages and this is where you really need them as the northerlies fill in with a vengeance.

You'll still find calm days, but the weather windows are usually shorter than predicted, always have a ditch plan. We know fellow cruisers who had to re-sail hundreds of miles after they got blown out and couldn't make the finally destination.

Calming Effect of the Reef

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