Thursday, February 08, 2007

Moving On

Current Location: Southport, Gold Coast, Australia
Current Position: 27º56.81' S 153º25.39' E
Next Destination: Mooloolaba

Well, our weekly BLOG hasn’t been so weekly. I guess we’ve just been too busy; yes, I know what you are thinking … how could two people without jobs or any real commitments ever be too busy! So I won’t bother to try and explain. However, instead of writing our BLOGs we have been working on a catch-up web update. This will be posted in the next few days ( You can go their for the latest fun stuff; dating all the way back to Noumea and including our travels in Australia through January.

Tomorrow we finally pull anchor and leave Southport. It has been nice being in one location for so long, we’ve truly gotten familiar with the place and it has been terrific to be settled for a bit. We’ll spend the next week or two heading back north, to Mooloolaba, where we will leave Billabong for six weeks to do some land travel.

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