Friday, December 10, 2004

Passage Tonga to New Zealand

Tonga to New Zealand Passage
10/31/04 - 11/08/04

Just to give you the basics, we made it to NZ safe and sound, landing in Opua on Nov 8th.  It was a windy, bumpy passage, but no major storms to fret over.  We did have 40 knots most of the trip, and Chris spent most of the time in the cockpit, while KT stayed below and laid down in the center of the boat to decrease the effects of the motion. The boat would rock one way, and take water over that side and then roll the other way with either a big splash or water flooding the decks. We were VERY happy to have the hard dodger.

New Zealand (Arrival and First month)
11/8/04 - 12/10/04

We LOVE NZ and we LOVE traveling on land for a bit.  We purchased a van which Chris then did some handy work on so that we can sleep/camp in it.  The van of course has a name ... Billavan!  We have moved Billabong to Whangarei where she will remain for the season while we explore the North and South Island on Billavan.

Passage, Arrival, and into the Holiday Season

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