Monday, August 23, 2004

Passage to Suwarrow

7 days
700 nM

Route to Suwarrow

The weather looked like there would be little wind, but we tried anyway. We had a great sail to the edge of Bora Bora before the wind died, so we pulled in for the night. The next day wasn’t any better so we hung out, and finally left the next day along with Danseuse de La Mer and Dragonfly. We had light wind spinnaker sailing during the day, but the wind would die for part of the night so we motored a little. It was a great time for KT because there were  no swells and she felt like this was the best trip so far. The third night out Dragonfly suggested we start a comedy hour and Janna started it off with a bang. She has sooo much energy and threw it all at the telling of her disgusting joke. It was great and I have never heard such a good a joke teller!! The next day, during my morning watch I had a small bird land on the boom. I went to check him/her out and he/she flew up and landed on my shoulder and just sat there exhausted, as we stared at each other. It was a surreal experience. We caught a fish the next day and KT did the normal “I’m sad for the fish” routine. He was thrashing about and I asked KT to grab me the cheapest bottle of booze so I could pour it on his gills to put him out of his misery. Well it turns out that she grabbed the cheap Mexican Tequila, but it has this stupid pour cap required by the government. Well it was stuck, so I tried to suck on it to free it, and got a nice shot of booze. A fly on the wall (wind screens) must have thought it was the craziest thing, watching some lunatic catch a fish and immediately start chugging on the strong stuff. The wind started picking up to 20+ so we had a good final couple of days sail into Suwarrow (although the seas got pretty big and short).

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